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Our Keto BHB Chocolate Powder for Ketogenic Diet Supports Weight Loss, Energy, Focus, and Ketosis. This is a Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) Ketone Supplement.

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    • 🌿 Essential Supplements Exogenous Ketones: Traditional meal plans can leave you feeling empty, and constantly hungry. The ketogenic diet relies on the body’s stored fat for a longer period of time. Therefore, you’ll feel more energetic. Millions of keto-lovers follow this lifestyle because it helps them focus. People also say it offers mental clarity, and an energy boost throughout the day.
    • 💪🏽 Healthier Mind & Body: You can reach ketosis with the help of our Exogenous Ketones. This formula of BHB is for anyone currently on a ketogenic diet. It’s important to note, our product can improve mental performance. It can also boost energy levels, and increase endurance. Prolonged ketosis has also been proven to support healthy weight loss.
    • 🍫 Pure Nutrition: We only use natural ingredients to make our Keto BHB chocolate powder. That helps it easily dissolve into any cold or hot drink. Including water, almond milk, coffee, tea and milkshakes. We’re proud to offer a great tasting supplement at a low price.
    • ❤️ Try it & Fall in Love: Essential Supplements Exogenous Ketones is completely gluten and dairy free. It is also third party tested. We don’t add binders, fillers or gums to our ketone powder. You’ll find nothing but pure, natural and effective ingredients on our label.

    Want to know a little more about Essential Supplements Exogenous Ketones? 

    Maintaining a strict keto diet isn’t always easy. Especially if you’re trying to reach ketosis while diligently counting calories. That is why using a high-quality nutritional powder is the best way to reach your health and fitness goals. Our chocolate supplement contains pure BHB, with no fillers. That makes it much easier to reach a state of ketosis.
    We guarantee a great product, for half the price of our competitor’s. That’s because we think it’s important for everyone to have access to a nutritional ketone supplement at a reasonable price.
    Disclaimer: Some customers may experience a chalky or salty taste, depending on which hot or cold drink they used to mix the chocolate powder. This is common, and has no impact on the quality of the product or the results you may expect.

    Frequently Asked Questions: 

    How do I use it? You can mix our chocolate powder with a warm or cold drink. For example water, almond or coconut milk, coffee, tea, shakes or any other low-or-no carb drink. You don’t need a blender. However, you can use a blender to create a smoother texture.
    When should I use it? You can use our chocolate powder throughout the day to boost your ketone levels. You can also use it in the morning to heighten your energy. Or use it before a workout to help increase your stamina. This product may be taken with or without food. With the help of Essential Supplements Exogenous Ketones, you can reach a state of ketosis any time, anywhere!

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    4 reviews for Essential Supplements Exogenous Ketones

    1. Matt Rycyk

      Great product. I have been using Chocolate Keto and it is essential for when those cravings kick in. My mother in law and myself are customers for life. So glad I can buy this product and keep my health goals a reality. Cheers!

    2. Asia (verified owner)

      Delivery only took four days, and it tastes great! I even loved the little personalized message I got in my package 🥹 you officially have a loyal customer. It feels good to know I’m supporting a small business. If you’re thinking about buying this supplement, try it!! Trust me, you won’t regret it

      • Essential Supplements

        Thank you Asia! We really appreciate your business and support.

    3. Chase

      I’m happy to see you guys are back. But does it have the same taste??

      • Essential Supplements

        Hello Chase! Yes, our chocolate keto powder is manufactured by the exact same company, so every bottle has the same rich cocoa taste that you loved on Amazon.

    4. Lisa

      So glad I can buy these again! They’re delicious!

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